Friday, June 15, 2007

Where have the real leaders gone?

I am so discouraged. I have spent a week scouring the Internet, looking for real solutions for moving the planet away from “business as usual” to a more healthier and sustainable way of life. I’m looking for business champions that are helping people lower their carbon footprint, providing a way of reducing the chemicals we use every day and helping us find a better way to live on this planet

I see small groups of people trying to make a difference. But it is difficult to find publicly traded companies that are profitable and making their shareholders happy while producing goods and services that are not impacting the planet in a negative way. There are a few, but there are not nearly enough to make the difference that needs to be made in the amount of time we have to do it. This is why I believe it is the responsibility of governments to jump-start the process. Businesses are out there, risking everything with little assurances that the market will reward their efforts. Most people are not even aware of the real dangers that we face because they have been lied to by groups that have paid million of dollars to cloud the issues with media propaganda.

I think the neo-conservatives are wrong, wrong, wrong! Their idea is economic Darwinism, the strongest survive. They don’t care who wins or looses, its part of the natural law, they argue! I just don’t see how the momentum will change without a push from governments. And right now our government believes is laze-faire and would rather spend billions of dollars on a war for oil, than billions of dollars on finding a way to free ourselves from our dependency on foreign oil. It is the government’s responsibility and they are not leading our country in the right direction! That is for sure!

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