Friday, June 15, 2007

Chinese Tiger Farms

Photo by: National Geographic
Chinese have "Tiger Farms" where they raise tigers to be harvested for their parts. They are trying to lift a 13 year ban that prohibits them from selling "Tiger Parts" internationally. The tigers are kept in deplorable conditions. Think puppy mills and "Tiger Farms" as being about the same thing. In puppy mills, dogs are kept in tiny cages stacked ten or more high. They are not walked, and the puppies are matted with feces and urine that has fallen down on them from the cages above. The smell of ammonia burns your eyes. These pupies are then sold to pet stores for a handsome profit. The tigers are treated as badly. The tigers are rasied so that the bones, organs, claws, fat, and blood from the "farm-raised" tigers used in traditional Chinese medicine can be sold. Tigers are endangered and slowly going extinct.

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