Monday, June 18, 2007

What is an eco-friendly lifestyle?

What is an eco-friendly lifestyle? What does it mean to live green?

Here are the things that my husband and I do so far. I drive a Prius, am a vegetarian, recycle, use cloth grocery bags, use cosmetics that have not been tested on animals, turn off lights when not in use, educate myself about environmental issues, write letters to my representative, give money to candidates that I believe care about the same issues I care about, talk to people when ever I can about the environment, have a blog and run a book club to encourage others to read.

We have lots and lots of plants in our yard that my husband has planted which helps absorb carbon. We have a natural area in the front of our house and on both sides that provide a natural habitat for many of the critters who are native to Florida. My husband volunteers for an animal rescue organization and we foster Labrador retrievers who are looking for a home. I try to purchase green cleaning supplies and consumer products that are manufactured or produced in eco-friendly ways.

Are there more things we could be doing? I'm sure there are. Economics factors into the picture. Right now it would be to expensive to retro-fit our house for solar.

What are some things eco-friendly things you do to live green and eco-friendly?

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