Monday, June 11, 2007

In the end.. .the only thing that will matter is the environment.

I watched this several months ago and posted it on my blog. This video has stayed with me. I think about it all the time when I feel overwhelmed with all the information that I am trying to keep up with. It helps me put things in perspective a little bit when I feel like I'm not doing good enough and not keeping up. I think this video helped me realize why being good at one or two things is really going to be important for the future. The explosion of information is too much for anyone to really manage and will require expertise in niche markets. I hope to immerse myself in "green innovation" and sustainable practices. That is why I renamed my blog: Green-Netizen. A lot of people are simply not paying attention to environmental issues. Tim Flannigan said in his book, "Weather Makers” …” in the end, the environment will be the only thing that matters.” Based on the sobering scientific predictions he presented in his book, I would say that I have to agree with him 100%. .. in the end it will be the only thing that matters! - Shift Happens

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