Thursday, June 14, 2007

Heal Our Oceans... Heal Our Planet...

One more item to post on my blog tonight. There are so many groups out there. I have stayed up all night long going through the many website looking at the different organizations, reading their reports, their articles, watching their videos. The list just goes on and on and on and on. It's as though everyone is crying out, wake up, please, wake up! Pay attention! Don't you see what we are doing to our planet?

Who wins if we do nothing? Really? The IPCC calculated the cost of dealing with Global Warming and decided that it was just too expensive. They calculated the value of a poor person's life vs. a rich person's life. Economist concluded that a poor person’s life was worth 1/8th of the value of a wealthy person’s life. (How they figured this one can only image. I am assuming it had to do with productivity and overall benefit to the economy. ) When I hear groups trying to diminish the eco-global warnings and the alarms bells that are sounding everywhere, I have to wonder who benefits by trashing this message?

It makes me think of Dr. Frank Luntz who said that he didn't like "environmentalist" because they were, "mean people." He said polar bears were the "poster child" of the environmental movement; before that it was the "spotted owl." He shrugged it off as though it was a ploy to gain political support for the Democrats. And that's the problem with their way of thinking, it's all about profits, power, greed, dominance and he who has the most toys wins.

I am really, really fearful. I'm fearful that they will win and that they will convince everyone not to take the threat of global warming seriously. I’m afraid that the media will continue to ignore the issues and that we will reach a tipping point when it becomes impossible to change. I hope and pray that we do not let that happen. Only time will tell...

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