Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Disney is one road block to eco awareness in Orlando

Europe is so far ahead of us environmentally. I have been scanning the Internet trying to wrap my brain around what eco-driven innovations are actually happening in the world. What I see over and over again is that Orlando is in the dark ages compared to other areas. As I have surveyed the eco-friendly innovative things happening in other areas, I started wondering about Orlando. What is it about this place that keeps us in the dark ages of the environmental movement?

I believe that some of the first groups to help bring innovative ideas to the market place are artist and musicians. They are often on the leading edge of change. In Orlando we have Disney and Disney pulls all of the talent toward it, like a giant magnet. Why create small entrepreneurial art venues to showcase people's talent when you can go and perform at Disney? Any local endeavor is always competing with Disney. Disney is the ultimate place to perform. Getting to perform at Disney is a big incentive and make it difficult to permute that arts locally.

Orlando has Mickey Mouse as its soul which robs our city of the diversity in the arts that it could have because we are over shadowed by the Mouse. Disney soaks up all of the creative energy that would otherwise thrive in our community. This impacts so many other areas of our fair city, and stifles innovation indirectly. That is one reason I think we are so far behind and in most cases, totally clueless about the environmental milestones that are being crossed all over the globe.

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