Monday, June 19, 2006

Why I wish Al Gore would run President for the Green Party.

I wish Al Gore would run for president for the Green Party. That would shake things up in this country. I don't know if he could win but it would give someone besides the Republicans a shot in the White House. There are so many Independent, Republican and Democrat registered voters that would vote for him. No one would be able to predict who would win because it would be a whole new ball game.
Al Gore, is probably too loyal to the Democratic party. But the Democratic Party isn't going to make the environment a real issue. They are going to pander to environmentalists just like the Republican party panders to the Christians. So many people are fed up with our political system. It is so corrupt. Al Gore could be the new Ralp Nader, and get a large percentage of voters.... boy do I wish!

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KM said...

Al Gore was the man who brought us NAFTA. There's more to the Green Party than environmentalism. It would be great to see him run as an independent. But he's no Green.