Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Letter of Resignation to the Democrats

A Letter of Resignation to the Democrats
Lisa is the conscience of the Democratic Party in Seminole County. She is always the first to volunteer her time, energy and efforts to help raise the level of public awareness about many important issues: environmental, war, equal rights, abortion, civil liberties, health care etc. You name it, she has been there helping to organize and rally the troops. It is with great sadness that I read this e-mail from her today...

I wanted to let everyone know that effective immediately I am resigning from all positions with the Seminole Democratic party and the Democratic party as a whole. I am doing this because I feel that the party no longer represents my beliefs and values. When our country is besieged by one of the most morally reprehensible, morally corrupt administrations we have ever known and STILL our party "leaders" do nothing we are all compromised and we all pay the price with loss of civil liberties, degradation of the environment and unceasing war, among other insults. To stand by and let this happen in the name of political expediency and pragmatism is to be a party to the corruption and deceipt and I want no part of that party. To clarify, it is not just the impeachment issue that has led me to this decision. It is the failure of the Democratic party as a whole to actually lead this country anywhere but down the path of complicity and "go along to get along". Hardly a way to change the world, much less lead a country.
Lisa Reddy

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