Saturday, June 10, 2006

Da Vinci Code Movie, Chatholic Church, and China

I'm sorry but this really bugs me. The movie at best is entertaining. Without all the over reaction to the movie from the "religious leaders" my response would be, interesting theory and if anything it would make me want to dig a little deeper into church history. But this just proves to me that what I have thought about religion all along. They want sheep that don't think. If anyone presents a view that differs from theirs they can't handle it and start closing down the information.

I'm not bothered by the idea of the story behind Da Vinci Code. What bothers me is the reaction of the church. Do they think that Christians and Catholics are such morons or that our faith is so weak that if we hear some theory that is out there that everyone will suddenly fall away from their faith? Are the roots of believers so shallow that anything that comes along that offers a counter view will shake the foundations of their belief? Oh ye of little faith. Have a little faith in people’s intelligence.

The controversy here is not the Da Vinci Code, it is the leaders who want to stop people from seeing it! I hope that makes people see how afraid the church leaders are of critical thought. They prefer that we are ignorant and offer them nothing but blind obedience to their dogma. They must think that believers are morons.

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