Saturday, June 10, 2006

A concern about immigration

I have sat on the sidelines of this immigration debate. I understand that we can't deport millions of people and that these people came here because the needed to work or starve. But this article in the New York Times concerns me greatly. A student who is the class president of his school is afraid to go to his own graduation because gangs are trying to kill him because he sister has agreed to testify in a murder trial that involves a gang member. There rise of gangs in the Northeast, according to David Rocieniewski's article, the rust belt where we are losing jobs in America to free market globalization trend.

Everyone knows ( or should know) that when there is an absence of opportunity poverty prevails and where poverty prevails gangs flourish. And now students are afraid of attending a graduation ceremony because they are afraid of being gunned down. Hello, is anyone out there? Please tell me again what about the Republican Party's platform you like? Gay marriage is more important than the rise of gangs due to poverty and metal detectors in schools because without them kids will be killing kids, teachers and everyone else. Oh, I forgot, the answer is vouchers, NCLB and standardized tests. Forget my last post. Maybe the religious right needs someone to tell them how to think....

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