Tuesday, June 13, 2006

God's Army are losing faith in the Republican Party

Except for the whackos, a lot of Christians are starting to question some of the Republican economic policies; feed the rich and starve the poor. What's a whacko Christian? Here is a quote from the article in American Prospect. In a movie made called, "Jesus Camp”, which is designed to create an army of Taliban "Christian" believers who are as blind and ignorant as the Taliban,” the directors take us into the homes of the children, where we see them “pledge allegiance to the Christian flag” and play a video game called “Creation Adventure” that debunks evolution. A mother helps her children with homework and informs them that, “Global warming is not going to happen. Science doesn’t prove anything.”

That my friend is a Christian Whacko!

And who do the Christian Whacko's worship? "No, it’s not Jesus. It’s George Bush. ” In the movie, clapping erupts and children are encouraged to “say hello to the President.” because “President Bush has added credibility to being a Christian.”

(Correction: President Bush has made it OK to be a Whacko Christian and not feel ashamed of your self for being morally backwards and having the intelligence of a squid.)

Fortunately, there are some people of faith who are true believers in rationale thought and are beginning to question the idiocy of our President and the ruling elite that are more concerned with CEO pay packages, oil and fooling whacko Christians than they are about the people they are supposed to govern.

Who would have thought that the 21st century would start off as
the era of the moron!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the DVD Bush: Faith in the White House? It was produced by the group of wacko Christian that supposely counter-attack the Moore's movie. In the movie, the actor, playing George Bush, has a halo of light around him. It makes you wonder if the DVD title was supposed to be Bush: God in the White House. And then the movie indicated that God has a direct telepathic phone line to Bush's head, and Bush spent lot of his time on his knees talking to God. I could not help to think about Lewinsky. She probably spent less time on her knees than Bush (LOL). Did God lie to Bush about starting the Iraq war or Bush just did not listen to God's advise? Based on the Republican's always blame other people amendment, it must be God's fault. Yup, it God who causes all those troubles, from the war to the hurricans.

Martie said...

Let's hope that reason and faith aren't lost forever on these poor lost souls. The mother who says that science can't prove anything, let's hope she never needs a doctor for anything serious.