Sunday, June 25, 2006

Connecting the dots: Non-profits, Native Americans, Abramoff and the environment...

Let's play connect the dots and see what won't get reported in the news.

1. People in the environmental movement and the new age movement celebrate the values of the Native Americans because they lived in harmony with nature.

2. Americans for Tax Reform's (ATR) mission is the lower taxes for the American people... mostly billionaires who often make their money by abusing the environment.

3. Jack Abramoff, gets the Native American tribes to give $100,000 donations to ATR.

4. ATR funnels money to the Bush regime.

Who wins? The Native Americans gain access to the White House, Bush gets campaign contributions from ATR. Billionaires pay less taxes and have more money to spend in places like Indian casinos. Bush's policies continue to rape and destroy our planet.

Who gets screwed? Mother Earth, the people who buy "All Things Native American and New Age"

The Native Americans sold out just like the Christians have! It's all things green $$$$. That's what this White House is about and all those who support him.

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