Sunday, March 12, 2006

What is wrong with American Schools?

I'll let this article speak for itself.

The Southern Standard Newspaper McMinnville, TN 3/12/06

Student of the Week Mykyta Shokur School: Centertown Elementary Grade: Seventh Age: 12. Mykyta was born in Russia and moved here about five months ago. Even though Mykyta is from Russia, he is still a normal kid.“My favorite subject is PE,” said Mykyta. “I like sports. I hope to join basketball next year. I also like soccer.”He says there are differences between schools in Russia and America.“There is no study hall in Russia like there is here,” said Mykyta. “I went from 12 o’clock until 6 p.m.” Mykyta likes American schools.“I think it is easier here,” said Mykyta. “We had about 28 different subjects that we had to do every week. We had three kinds of history and four different languages. We studied English, Ukrainian, Russian and German.”Thanks to the language curriculum in Russia requiring Mykyta to take English starting in third grade, he hasn’t had a hard time with language in America.

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