Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Immigration Reform - the right thing to do

Here is the immigration policy I would like to see our country consider:

1. All illegal immigrants receive a guest worker card that is good for three years.

2. During that time, they have to learn English and pass a test that show they know basic facts about our country

3. They have to report where they are working and how much they are being paid at all time and if they are not working, then they have to leave the country

4. If they are working, there has to be a record of who they are working for and how much money they are being paid.

5. Any employer that is not paying at least minimum wage is punished, fined or prosecuted for violations and regularly published in the news.

6. We secure our borders so that no new illegal immigrants can come into the country or at least the amount of immigrants that are coming in illegally is drastically reduced.

7. Illegal immigrants that have children born in the country are not automatic citizens without proper documentation.

8. We have to come up with a foreign policy that assists Latin Americans to create jobs in their own countries. ( NAFTA was supposed to do that, so change NAFTA so that it distributes the wealth more equitably among the citizens and not just the corrupt leaders at the top of the economic ladder. )

This is the reform that I would like to see the Congress and the Senate debating.

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