Sunday, March 12, 2006

Republicans are Pro-Pesticide Testing on Humans

I received the League of Conservation Voter's National Environmental Scorecard for 2005 in the mail this week. Basically, the votes split right down party lines. Anything pro-environment is supported by the Democrats and anything anti-environment is voted for by the Republicans. One in particular that I find extremely offensive was the issue of Human Pesticide Testing. The Chemical companies have tried to persuade the EPA (cash donations to the Republicans) to reverse the moratorium on using humans to test pesticides! Barbra Boxer, fighting against a Republican majority in the Senate, pushed to keep a one year moratorium in place but the best she could do was get a six month moratorium. The House (Republican controlled) narrowed the ban even further and said, the chemical companies can't test on pregnant women or children. The rest of the population is fair game! And these people are say they respect life and have morals?

For more informations see:
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