Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Democrats -- Detoxing Corporate America

Here is a disturbing report: New studies are showing that toxic chemicals are accumulating in human fat tissue, and are found in mothers' breast milk, blood, and urine at rates never before seen before.
The good news is that people are starting to band together to change the rules of the game. I think the right wing conservatives had done a good job of painting Democrats as being the party of "hand outs" and promote the idea that the Republicans are the party of the "hand up."
Which wwould you vote for? A hand out or a hand up?
Democrats need to start talking out about reform. I will go on record to say that I am not "anti-corporation." I want want corporations to be better citizens. They are the bullies on the playground and their behavior, while it may be good for their shareholders is not good for everyone on the playground.
We need to Detox our environment and our political process.

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