Saturday, March 04, 2006

Anti-Bush yard sign promts suit and stops homeowner's freedome of speech

It appears that our freedom of speech has limits when it comes to Homeowners' Associations. According to the Associated Press, a homeowner who decided to put an anti-Bush Holiday Greeting sign in his yard for Christmas, was not only sued by his Hamilton Mill Homeowner’s Association, but he was also vandalized by the people in his community. The sign said:

Happy Holidays
Bush Like: Soldiers Died
2,500 Warriors Dead
37,000 Wounded and Maimed
50,000 Iraqi Civilians Dead

Impeach the Bush Chaney Crime Family
If the war is so noble, why aren't the Bush Twins There???

Needless to say, a few neighbors who were pro-Bush supporters were up in arms over this. The homeowner's association sued. Maybe the American Civil Liberties Union or some other group should help raise money for this family's legal defense. This could be a bad thing if the courts decide that we can't express our freedom of speech on our own property.
There are two sides to this argument of course, but one worth debating.

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