Saturday, March 25, 2006

George Bush bemoans Web 2.0

In one of George Bush's recent press conferences I heard him bemoaning the fact that people are now getting their news from "other sources" than the main stream media. ( chuckle ) I'm sure that he is not happy about it either. One of the things that the right wing movment has done so well was to find a way to manipulate the media and use it as a weapon against the perceived, "liberal bias" in the news. They worked the refs to perfection.
There are several good books written recently that examine tactics used by the right wing movement and show how they have been successful in creating buzz, controlling the message, and shaping public opinion with their tactics. This has helped them win elections. Now, however, people are not relying on the main stream media for their main source of information. People are getting their news from the Internet, blogs, wiki, podcasts, listserves, forums, web rings, RSS news feeds etc, which has opened the door for more diversity in the news.
As Bush's approval ratings continue to plummet, I'm sure the Web 2.0 technologies have been like sand in their eye. I'm sure that they are not happy about the fact that people are getting their news from lots of different sources. Thankfully we can though.


J Anderson said...

Opinionated piece. The Web 2.0 is actually been used the politicians. The US Congress edited the Wikipedia to be biased towards politicians and some politicians blog.

Martie said...

Yes, we all have access to the same technology. Let's hope the good guys win.