Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why can't we change?

Earth Clock
David Suzuki is an emeritus professor at the Sustainable Development Research Institute, at the University of British Columbia. I found an article he wrote titled, "Blind Date with Disaster". As a biologist, he emphasizes the intelligence of our species yet bemoans our unwillingness to change even when we know that "business as usual" will lead to disaster. He sites New Orleans and reminds us how scientists' warnings pre-Katrina predicted the outcome long before it happened. Now I hear about Southwest Airlines intentionally skipping inspections knowing they were gambling with the lives of their customers.

I'm wondering if the climate-change-train-wreck is just another calculated risk that businesses and governments are willing to take while accepting that the potential loss of lives and habitat destruction will be cheaper than trying to fix the problem. I hate to be so cynical but it makes one wonder when the media yawns at dire warnings highlighted in David Suzuki’s article.

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