Friday, March 07, 2008

George Bush's Green Legacy


The S&P and NASDAQ close at their lowest since 2006. The Dow Jones is down again. The jobless rate climbs. Let's see what this continued downturn does to all of the new green businesses that are just beginning to bloom and blossom.

I was watching the new eco-friendly businesses in 2000 when George Bush came into office. Many of them went belly up. The Freemarket neocons’ philosophy does not believe in government subsidies to assist a new industry. Wall Street are less inclined to buy the stock of companies the rely on them. Freemarket neocons believe that a new inustry must stand on their own two feet right off or they die. They are a lot like the Spartans in their beliefs; survival of the fittest. And many of the young companies trying to do right by the planet and right by the workers died.

Now we have billions of dollars invested in Green Tech, Clean Tech. Will they weather this storm? Let's hope for the planet’s sake, and the sake of all children everywhere they do...

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