Sunday, March 09, 2008

Architecture 2030 Face It entries are now avaiable on line

Architecture Ed Mazria and Architecture 2030 Face It Challenge has announced winners. Students competed to produce the best body and face paint job that conveyed a "no coal" message. Emily Bibler of Ohio State won the Face Color Award; Jackie Fabella of Cal Poly Pomona won for best B+W. A student told Metropolis:

“The entries varied in meaning: some depicting strong political messages about health and environmental impacts, while others took a positive approach by displaying a set of alternatives to coal.” ::Metropolis; See all the entries at ::Architecture2030


Jason Plett said...

No Coal? Turn the lights out. Shut off your computer. Are your clothing hand sewn? if so where did you get the needle? From the ground as a raw material, and mixed with other raw materials to make steel that ended up as the needle. What about the shoes you're wearing were they created magically or did they come from the ground. Do you people really think you live on an island. By the very existence of yourselves, and your blog you are saying I love coal, and the wonderful electricity it provides me. What about those hybrids you favor all of a sudden? I guess they used no electricity derived from coal to produce? I guess they somehow managed to be created from 0 raw materials. Oh what about your food? how many oil wells did it take to get that food to your doorstep? Do you think that those fresh fruits and vegetables arrived there in the dead of winter through the ether? Oh thats right carbon credits. What a scam, I only wish I would have thought this one up, there is some sweet money to be made there, I hope you are at least selling those to these drones at decent profit. Hey have a green day!

Jason Plett said...

Of course approved after the blog owner approves it, how chicken shit is that? We certainly don't want to hear from those who don't agree with us, how marxist of you.