Saturday, March 01, 2008

Examples of environmental performance indicators green consumers want to consider when shopping

I am pretty good and finding information on the Internet so I was surprised when I couldn't find an e-copy of the environmental performance indicators that I found in the book titled “Greening the Supply Chains” by Joseph Saris PhD. I hunted for a long time trying to find this list online. It's almost like it was a secret that the organizations didn't want to actually publish. The impression was that they were protecting us from the "TMI" (Too Much Information) syndrome. So I typed them up and will post them here. These are the things that consumers should consider when deciding whether or not something is green.

Biodegradable /compostable (%)
Commitment to periodical environmental
Contains no ozone depleting substances
Emission and waste (per
unit of product)
Energy efficient label
Global application of environmental standards
Hazardous air
Hazardous waste
Involvement in Superfund site
Organization of Standards (ISO) 14000 certification
Landfill-tons of waste
per year
Longer shelf life than industry standard
Number of hours of
training on environment per employee
Use of less hazardous alternative (% of
On Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 17 hazardous chemical
Ozone depleting Chemicals
Participation in voluntary EPA
Pre/Post consumer recyclable content (%)
Public disclosure of
environmental record
Received any EPA/(RCRA non compliance fines)
Second tier supplier environmental evaluation

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