Thursday, February 02, 2006


Actually, I have been dumbfounded for the last two days. At lunch yesterday, I overheard some Republican pro Bush people discussing the State of the Union speech.

Complaint number 1: Why did he have to talk so long? Couldn't he have cut it down to 45 minutes? Ok, nothing new on that complaint.

Complaint number 2: "I couldn't listen to the Republican (she meant Democratic) response because I couldn't stand to look at his EYEBROWS. They gave me the creeps so I turned the channel..."

Needless to say, I was speechless.

Perhaps the idea of an "informed electorate" is really too much of a burden to ask of people and that is why our democracy is doomed to fail. I may not like the Republican point of view on many issues, but at least I feel that I should listen and try understand their position. We are allowed to have differing views in a democracy and debating the issues requires and understanding of both sides. I don't see many Republicans willing to do that. Maybe that is just sour grapes because I'm on the side of the party that is out of power. Would I be as willing to hear the Republicans if the role was reversed? Who knows?

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