Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blog Pulse -- Wake up my friends

So if you compare blogging to Malcom Gladwell's book "The Tipping Point" you can think of bloggers and the "connectors." Blog Pulse is a new blog service that is monitoring and quantifying the sphere of influence a blog has. I started this blog with no grand ideas about reaching large numbers of people. I really just wanted to see what it was all about and to make sure that the right wing ideas didn't dominate the blogspehere the way they have the AM radio.

So here I am, one small voice crying out into the night and little by little people are beginning to read my views and giving them a voice. That is why I think blogging is so important. It is a tool for the moderate voices, and the liberal voices to get their views out there. What blogging does is open a window for the possibility of dialogue with other voters throughout the country. I have even seen now because of my site new meter that people from other parts of the world have read my blog. This is quite humbling for sure, and I'm amazed at the different blog sites that visit my blog. But I use my experience to share with my friends the importance of harnessing this new tool for communication purposes.

Your voice does matter. It's worth the time and effort that it takes to learn to blog. Are there going to be abuses? Absolutely. That goes with the territory. But you don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Bottom line: Don't give up, don't be discouraged, keep the drumbeat going. You do and can make a difference. We live in a democracy and in order for a democracy to work; we have to become informed citizens. If we don't want to take the time to be involved in our country's civics, then elect a king and let's forget about, life would be easier. Are politics dirty? Unfortunately often they are but not always. There are some really sincere people on both sides of the isle that are serving this country because they care and care deeply about this place that we call home. There are others on both sides of the isle that need to be given their suitcase and asked to go home for good.

Our country is in the mist of change. If we throw up our hands and say there is nothing we can do, the Corporatocracy that wants to control everything will win and we deserve what-ever we get in the face of our own apathy. We will have the ultimate top-down society where no one has any input into what decisions are made and something external to us will control our lives.

You choose every day of your life and your decisions, no matter whether you realize it or not, will and do shape the future of this nation.

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Judy Baer said...

I completely agree with you on this issue. You are giving others a chance to voice their thoughts and I hope encourage us all to vote for our freedoms and the just enforcement of our laws and Constitution.

Thank you, and keep up the good work.