Saturday, February 04, 2006

Church Fires in Alabama

The headline should read “Fire Destroys 3 churches and the media fans the flames of the political divide.” Ok maybe not the media, just Chris Matthews.

Last night on his show, he was interviewing,
Jon Beacham and probing his thoughts of “who could have possibly done this?”

Talk about “leading” questions, his interview was something like this:“Who would have been motivated to burn a church?” “Could it have been someone who had a different philosophy and wanted to see the church and all it represented leveled to the ground? “Might it be someone or some group who doesn’t like what the church stands for?” “Might it be, you know, some one who is to the left of where the churches are or some one who is gay and felt wronged by the Baptist church?”

Jon laughs and doesn’t take the bait.

Chris continued, doing everything he could but put the words in his mouth, to “imply” that this could have been one of those anti-Bush, America Hating, Liberal, DEMOCRATS!

Hey, it’s good for ratings to keep this political divide alive.

“Democrats are burning churches!”

What a headline that would read, right Chris?

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