Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blowback from Bush's State of the Union speech

I would be remiss not to post all of the funnies that poke fun at President Bush’s state of the Union Speech that are coming out. So here is a collection of all of them that I’ve gotten so far.

Bush Impression

Asshole (I didn’t name it so don’t blame me)

Nixon and Bush

Now why didn't the Democrats thing of that for the war in Iraq.
The only solution is to reinvade our own invasion of Iraq to free freedom from itself! Giblets hereby redeclares Operation Re-liberationization!

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Animal_Rollins_D-Menace said...

James Adomian capture the essence and spirit of the SOTU. Thanks for the link.

This one's not a video, but fafblog gave a hard-hitting parody of the SOTU here.