Monday, August 07, 2006

Mike Thomas-Sentinel Columnist- owes Orlando an apology

Manatee photo featured on the front-page of the Sentinel August 1st, 2006
So here's what I don't get:
Mike Thomas writes a moving sarcastic commentary about the Manatee death and the 'whodunit' mentality that plagues our nation. Red Tide, which is fatal to all marine life, is becoming more prevalent up and down the coasts of Florida. It is the result of nature but escalated by man's short-sighted use of the ocean and rivers as a sewer and garbage can for every chemical known to man. He sarcastically ridicules the our tendency to tip toe around the issues by saying that it's natural and we "aren't certain" what is causing the problem even though everyone knows that we are feeding the algae with our industrial waste that ends up in the oceans and waterways.

I applaud him for his piece in the paper Sunday, but here's the disconnect that I don't get. This man voted for Bush, promoted Bush and encouraged others to vote for Bush and all things Republican. Has he looked at the voting record of some of these politicians? The Leauge of Conservation Voters has. Bush is the first president that has ever earned an "F" on his report card from them. I'll bet a ton of politicans who are currently in Tallahassee and Washington that Mike supports are right there with Bush and have supported is destructive policies. He criticizes but he supports the very same people who are trashing the environment. H-E-L-L-O! Whether we like it or not, our vote does count in some ways because we elect or reject the people who will decide whether or not protecting the environment is a priority.

Billions of dollars are now being pumped into the Green Movement on Wall Street. The argument that it's “ jobs or the environment” is no longer valid nor ever was valid. Like it or not, Mike, you helped make this situation worse by promoting the amoral Republicans that are currently in office. Everyone is saying: "The Democrats should apologize and say they were wrong about supporting the war." Maybe the people who supported Bush should do likewise and say they were wrong about supporting this President.

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