Monday, August 28, 2006

Mike Brown--X FEMA Director goes after Bush

On Hard Ball, Mike Brown answers Norah O'Donnell's question, "What was your biggest mistake?" Brown says his biggest mistake was playing along with the President and pretending like everything was fine and they were working as a team. He said, "Every day, we are given a list of talking points and told this is what you need to say to the news. The talking points were the spin of the day." He said that it was wrong to follow the talking and he should have been telling the truth, but he was trying to be a team player.

I'm not surprised. Bush's strategy has been to spin the media and sell the American people an illusion that is filled with deceit and corruption. Paul O'Neil and others in his administration who have fallen out of favor with the neocons revealed after leaving the White House that Bush only listens to a small core of people. He is responsive to them, and everyone else gets marching orders. That is the way his administration works. Clinton, on the other hand, listened to all points of view that were relevant before making a decision.

When I hear Bush speak, I think of Jimmy Swaggert. He seems so shallow and unprepared. He relies on “feel good” statements that are supposed to persuade the faithful to follow blindly along. I keep waiting for the alter call and for someone to pass the plate around and ask for donations. Well actually, they do. They collect money through the RNC.

I acutally heard some Republican whining on the news today saying, "The Democrats are trying to politicize this war," referring to the war in Iraq. Can you believe that Republicans are complaining politicizing the war in Iraq? Bush is in the White House because their whole strategy for the 2004 election was to politicize the war.
They are such hypocrites

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