Monday, August 28, 2006

Iran and the US Nuclear crisis. Is there more to the story than we are being told?

The article in the Seattle Times says that the United States of America's infrastructure is rotting and we are coming apart at the seams. First of all, I don't believe this. I do believe in the market economy and I do believe that capital investment will rise to the occasion in most cases, unless...

Lately I’ve wonder about the Iran/Nuclear weapon issue that the Neocons and the media throw at us on a regular basis. I have posed this question, "What if Iran knows that its oil supplies are running out and it really is building the nuclear facility for power and not weapons?"

I've wondered something else too. What if Iran hates us so much and it knows the only way to topple us is to cut our legs out from underneath us? They know that the way to do this is be to blow up the oil wells and refineries. It would drive a stake into the heart of our economy. What if Iran's plan is to flip the switch the day before it happens and go to nuclear energy? What if they also plan to hit our infrastructure weakness that is outlined of in this article at the same time? They would have a dependable supply of energy and we would not. They would have an intact infrastructure, and we would not. Millions of people would die and there would be chaos in the streets.

Our response would be to nuke them....

I've read over and over again that the US is the economic engine of the global economy and it is in the best interest of other countries not to derail our economy. I guess the question is how much do hate us? How determined are they to rid our influence on this earth?

I wonder about their motives. Why would they defy the world and build nuclear bomb? Is it just prestige they want? They would do more damage by cutting our oil supply than they ever could with a bomb.

I was at a political hob-knob last week. There were Democrats and Republicans in attendance so we had a unique opportunity to mix and discuss issues with activists from both parties. I met this man who had been in the military and who was a Republican. He was explaining to everyone why we should go in and bomb Iran. He was serious too.

When I argued the point with him and asked him my "what if...” question, he was speechless. He either thought I was crazy or it really made him stop and think. ( I’d like to think it was the latter… )

He switched the subject and started comparing the Iran situation to Germany and Hitler. He said that if we had stopped Hitler before World War II the war could have been avoided. He of course forgot that the American corporations were making money by selling arms to the Germans and were not about to stop Hitler as long as there was profits to be made.

So if our infrastructure is decaying, we can hope that the free market will find a way to fix the problem. That is unless the Neocons have made us so hated in the world that that hatred of us has become our greatest vulnerability in the war against terror.

I believe it is in our nation’s best interest to wean ourselves from oil and to do it as soon as possible…

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