Saturday, August 26, 2006

Congress has failed the American People

We went to see the movie, "Why We Fight" last night. It was very well done and points out the close ties of the military-industrial-complex with Congress. The bottom line was the wars are manufactured because it is good for business. It was striking when they showed the halls of Congress just before the Iraqi war. This is where there is supposed to be debate, which is the foundation of democracy. Congress was silent. Only the Senator from West Virgina, Senator Byrd, had to courage to speak out and decry this war. What was absent was the debate, the questions, the search for the truth. There was no debate... we went to war. Congress failed the American people. They did not do their job.
Some Senators want to shine a spot light on the money/contractor issue. It has been blocked by a "secret" member of Congress. No, they don't want the American people to know who Congress really works for....

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