Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spin, spin, spin! Change is in the wind!!

Hillary vs. Obama
Hillary wins, but not by much. She has the main Democratic states. But wait, the main Democratic states have not delivered for the last two elections. They have not been able to bring the “other states” along. Obama has been able to win the “other states”. What if the change is that the old core Democratic states don’t get to decide this time around?
What if the other “lesser states” are the ones who select the Democratic candidate this time around? Well, that would be change now wouldn’t it?


mustang5860 said...

This all could be decided during the convention by the committees and not the delegates. Big changes could be in the offing.

Need your input to counter-balance my blogs. Bring reasoned arguments and I promise to listen.



Martie said...

That is the old guard of the Democratic Party. Perhaps it's the Old Guard that is out of touch with what the new Democrats want.

Obama is a once in a life time canidate.... Hillary is a strong canidate. The question is, which will move us forward? Which has the interest of this country and the people who have been pushed to the sidelines by big money and special interest?

That's the question. Can Obama lead the nation? That is the question? We know Hillary can, Obama has to convice a majority that he can to and he can do as good, if not better job than Hillary and the old guard.