Tuesday, April 01, 2008

China wants you to pay for cleaning up their mess

I talked to a oncologist yesterday about cancer and environmental triggers that might cause cancer. I mentioned that my friend who got cancer had lived near a SuperFund site. She did not know what a SuperFund site was! Hmm... I wondered how someone could be an expert on cancer and not know what a SuperFund site was? She attributed a lot of the illness to genetics but was not very specific about environmental risks.

According to Bloomberg.com , China is proposing a SuperFund in reverse. Instead of the polluters paying to clean up their mess, they get other countries who by their goods to clean up their mess so they can help save the planet too. They are holding a loaded gun to the heads of developing countries. The rationale is a trade off. If we want a planet, then we will have to pay up; or die. So what we have here is a a new kind of environmental extortion or blackmail. This is the free market at work. Right?

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