Saturday, April 19, 2008

If we care about the animals

Why do we allow such inhumane practices to exist?

Here are causes that I believe in. If anyone doubts that public attention and pressue can change the actions of corrupt individuals nad companies, recall the recent backlash of the public when they discovered how cows were treated on their way to becoming school lunches. Actually they showed some of the less offensive footage. If people saw what they really do to cows...

Here are some good animal welfare causes to respond to:

Demand Better Treatment of Breeding Dogs and Puppies
Downed Farm Animals Need Your Help!
Help Pass Legislation to Toughen Dogfighting Laws!
Help Pass the Bear Protection Act
Help Save Wild Horses and Burros
Help Stop the Philippines' Illegal Dog Meat Trade
Our Pets Deserve Safe Food
Protect Pets in the Final Farm Bill!
Stop Canned Hunting
Support the Charitable Remainder Pet Trust Act
Support the Polar Bear Protection Act
Tell Allergan that Mice Should Not Die for BOTOX
Tell Health and Human Services to Stop Funding Invasive Research & Testing on Chimpanzees
Unplug Internet Hunting
Chickens and Turkeys Deserve Humane Treatment, Too!
Urge Canada's Minister of International Trade to Stop the Seal Hunt
Urge the Department of Defense to Help Animals in Iraq
Watch Our Undercover Footage of U.S. Horses Exported to Mexico for Slaughter -- Then Take Action
Right Whales Need Our Protection
Choose Compassion As Your Fashion
Farm Animal Stewardship for Federal Purchases
Florida: Make the Sexual Abuse of Animals a Crime!
Protect Animals in the Uniform Code of Military Justice
Protect Turtles and Public Health
Protect Wildlife from Highly Toxic Chemicals
Send a Thank you to the US Attorney's Office
Support "Buck's Bill" (the Pet Safety and Protection Act)
Support Senate Resolution to End Seal Hunt
Support the Animal Welfare Accountability Improvement Act
Support the Captive Primate Safety Act
Together We Can Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt
We Need The Dog and Cat Fur Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007
Wyoming: Stop Prairie Dog Contest Kills

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