Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our innovative capacity has not yet been scratched... here's why!

Quiet Revolution… a unique design for a highway wind turbine was presented by an Arizona student named, Joe. He posted this on the Archinect school blog. The wind turbine is designed to harvest the wind created by fast-moving automobiles sending power back into the grid.

This shows that innovation can and will happen when we stop saying that it “can’t be done” and start putting our efforts into something other than coal, oil and natural gas. We won't eliminate these carbon fuels overnight but until we make a real concerted effort to find a viable alternative we will make not progress. Joe has shows that we have the ability to think creatively outside the box about the problem of CO2 emissions. Now all we need to do is concentrate investment capital on creating and developing green energy sources that won’t fry the planet.

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