Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Darwin's Nightmare

We watched Darwin's Nightmare on Sundance Channel after we watched "It's Not Easy Being Green." Two totally different worlds! I sat there with my mouth open the whole time as I watched "Darwin's Nightmare." It usually takes me a day or two of thinking about something like this before I can really comment. My heart went out for the solider/guard who was shown several times throughout the documentary. I also felt sad for the woman whose job it was to take the heads of the fish and lay them on the boards so they would dry in the sun. I wanted to know their names so I could write them a letter and send them some money. (My husband would laugh and say that was dumb! He's an economist. I'm the bleeding heart in the family.)

I am glad I don't eat fish! I think that being a vegetarian helps clear your mind and make you think about killing differently. It was easy for these people to kill. It didn't matter what they were killing. Some ate, some didn't...some made money, some didn't... some lived, and others died... that was the law of the jungle. It's a different jungle when the jungle is filled with herbivores.

It was apparent in this film that the difficult thing for some of the people their consciences. Their participation in human suffering was hard at times for them. But they were able to push it aside and get on with business, even if it meant exploiting the weakest and neediest children. If I ate fish, I know one thing for sure; I'd want to know where it came from and what it was doing to the land, the people and the morals of those involved. "Darwin's Nightmare" is the kind of documentary that you wish you could forget, but you can't once you have seen it. My rating: *****

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