Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ask an Eco Geek

The sad thing about the environmental websites and blogs that I read is that they seem to be filled with "light weight" ideas or “the world is coming to an end” doom and gloom. I wonder if China had not come on line and the majority of the Chinese were still leaving their rural lives, if America would have found their "green soul"? Suddenly, we realize we are not the only fish in the sea. Corporate America has done too good of a job selling their goods and services around the world. Around the world people have started to desire our life style. We have been very egocentric in our world of the world. We are slowly wakening to the rest of the world. We will be asking our kids how to clean up OUR MESS!

Anyway, I liked this blog: Ask an Eco Geek. It looks like ther are lots of ideas that are way out there, but it takes that kind of thinking to get the creative juices going.

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