Friday, May 18, 2007

Antarctica’s ability to absorb carbon is critical and declining

I use to roll my eyes when people talked about Global Warming. It was too big of a problem to worry about. There was no way that you could get two people to agree about what to do much less two cities, two states or two nations. To solve the problem, you'd have to have global cooperation. Ever seen that happen for anything that didn't involve money? I sound like a cynic. I feel discouraged like Bill Maher. I find myself posting a lot about Global Warming/Climate Change though lately. I heard some 5th graders today joking about Global Warming. I wanted to shake them and say, it's no laughing matter. You are the ones who will suffer. No one wants to hear that. They would just roll their eyes and think I was crazy. Most people will not bother thinking much about it unitl it's too late, I'm afraid. Anyway, here is an article from Discovery Channel News:

May 17, 2007 — Antarctica’s Southern Ocean, a crucial "carbon sink" into which 15 percent of the world's excess carbon dioxide flows, is reaching saturation and soon may be unable to absorb more — a deeply troubling development, the journal Science reported Thursday.

Do you recon that if Al Gore actually ran for president, he could get people's attention?

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