Thursday, May 17, 2007

Anartica is melting

Saw this picture on MSNBC's website tonight. Also found an interesting list of scientists who have turned into Global Warming Skeptics. The jest of their argument is: 1. it’s less about science and more about making money. 2. CO2 is probably secondary to the root cause.

It would seem to me that the concentration of capital around green issues like Global Warming is a good thing. Like it or not, things will not change unless business begins to buy into it and profit from it. We know that businesses can not exist unless they make a profit. So turning Green issues like Global Warming into a capitalist venture, I'm not so sure that is a bad thing, if in the long run we begin to develop more sustainable practices.

One could ask the question: "If man has developed the technology to cut down every tree on the face of the earth, is it the right thing to do?" Man has the technology to do so, but is it a good practice? It is doubtless that anyone wants to cut down every tree or catch every fish in the ocean for that matter, but it is the cumulative effect of our actions that creates the problem. If we can develop a less harmful way to provide goods and services for consumers, how can that be a bad thing? Isn’t it our responsibility as citizens’ to care about future generation’s ability to continue to thrive on earth? Regardless of the cause, it would seem prudent to me for civilizations to examine the issue of sustainable business practices.

I'm not so sure I agree with the writers premise that climate change is just a scam.

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