Sunday, March 11, 2007

Our Moral Universe: What does Sudan and Whales have to do with each other?

The navy sponsors 70 percent of all marine-mammal research in the United States as well as 50 percent of all research world-wide.
There is a "systematic unwillingness to publicly criticize defense-related projects within the U.S. marine-mammal research community” which shows evidence that the Navy’s use of Sonar is harmful to marine life on a massive scale. Because they control the dollars, very little is known about the broader effects of sound on whales. Large amounts of research money being spent to try to fine-tune the effects of sonar on marine life but there is an increase of sonar exploration by oil and gas companies trying to feed the beast, and our need for energy. “Far too little is devoted to ECOUS: Environmental Consequences of Underwater Sound and there is a hush within the Navy and Energy companies to keep any negative findings out of the news even though there is evidence that Low Frequency Sonar is causing massive death among the whale population.

Elsewhere, in KHARTOUM, SUDAN — The Sudanese government is quietly escalating oil exploration inside the Darfur region, a step that has led to protests from rebel leaders in a volatile area where more than 200,000 people have been killed during three years of fighting.

Some political analysts believe that untapped oil reserves might have been an underlying factor in the Darfur conflict all along, explaining why a seemingly barren wasteland of western Sudan would spark such a bitter tug of war between government forces and rebels, eventually drawing the intervention of international players such as the United States, Libya and the United Nations.

Science is being corrupted by the forcing Scientist to rely on dollars from the Navy and from Oil and Gas companies.

These things, genocide of animals and human beings are important factors to consider when we examine
“the moral universe in which we live.”

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