Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Muslim Mouring the death of these chidren highlights their inconsistencies

I read Sam Harris’ book, “The End of Faith” which basically says that the fate of the world lies in the hands of the moderate Muslims. I won’t go into why, it’s in the book. But here is an example of where the moderate Muslims are making the same mistakes the radical Christians have made. In the new Christian era of political activism for the right and morality, it’s OK to kill thousands of people in Iraq, it’s OK to put people to death for capital punishment, but it’s not OK for women to have an abortion. Not sure I understand that reasoning.

Here are Muslim people in New York mourning the death of 10 children who died in a fire in the Bronx. There was a massive turn out to mourn their death but at the same time it’s OK for these children or other people’s children to grow up to be suicide bombers? Where’s the consistency in that?

Why isn’t everyone mourning the death of the misguided young people who blowthemselves up in the name of a Allah and Jihad against the West? Why don’t they speak as a group about that and mourn these unfortunate deaths and the deaths of those who are killed in the bombing? Their silence about sucide bombing and their mourning for these children who died in a fire is inconsistent at best.

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