Monday, March 19, 2007

Found Year Anniversary of the Iraq War-- We are asking the wrong question, im my humble opinion

Tonight, all of the news pundits are talking about the Iraq War. One side wants us to leave. There are clips showing the war protestors from this weekend's demonstration in Washington. I hear someone saying, "We can win, we are going to take our country back!" Winning to this group is ending the Iraq War. Then there is the other side, "If we leave there will be a blood bath and we will pay a price because the whole area turns into a great conflagration.

Yes, we can leave Iraq. Yes, our troops are stretched to the limit. But here's what I want to know about the war:

1. How do we know when we have won?
2. Can we win this war?

I wouldn't want to US to pull out of Iraq if there is a true shot of winning the war. I want to win this war. I'm not a GW fan by any stretch of the imagination. (Read my blog for proof.) But we have lost over 3,000 lives. We have no idea how many Iraqi's have lost their lives. What will happen if we leave?

I like Murtha's suggestion, redeploy, and go to the borders.
But I don't want there to be a blood bath either.
I want to Iraqi's to stop fighting and start working toward peace.
Is that how we know when we have won? When the Iraqi's stop killing each other? How do we make that happen? Threatening to leave and making them realize that they will spiral down into chaos and genocide, will that convince them that they need to start making better choices. I want to be able to leave, but I want the US to win this regretful war too. I want someone to ask, "What will it take to win the war?" “How will we know when we have won?"

I wish the Democrats would stop talking about "pulling out of Iraq" and start talking about what it will take to “Win This War.” What will it take to make the Iraqi's be responsible for their country so we can go home? That's what we all want! I want to the people in Iraq to be able to live in peace! I want this war to end. What will it take to get them to stop fighting?

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