Sunday, January 14, 2007

Too Many Lawsuits

Thanks to GW Bush and the neocons we can now thank for putting a stop to such frivilious lawsuits as:

1. Corporations knowingly making paint with led, even though it causes birth defects and mental retardation. The most they can be fined is $5,000.... Chump change for a multinational corporation that makes billions a year.

2. Pharmaceutical companies that make drugs they knowingly can kill people.

3. Gun makers who want immunity for products that kill and maim people.

4. Citizens who have been knowingly poisoned by their employer.

Lawsuits use to be a deterrent to faulty products. Corporation would calculate the costs of the lawsuits into their bottom line. The larger the penalty the more motive they had to avoid a "bad or hurtful" design.

Not any more. Nope, thanks to the Right-wing Think Tanks, the ignorant right-wing fanatics, corrupt politicians and the neocons that have stacked the courts with judiciary idealogs, we don't have to worry about consumer protection, or workers' rights. Nope, not to worry, those things have all been swept under the rug.

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