Sunday, January 14, 2007

Brazil is going to Privatize the Amazon Rainforst and "officially" allow logging

The Brazilian Ecosystem

The idea is this: Mr. da Silva, Brazil’s President, says that poachers are stealing the wood in the Amazon. Rather than lose the revenues, let it be managed, or leased out to private companies. The locals are being asked to "monitor." Many of the locals are hungry for food and they are supposed to police the logging of the trees?

Director of the Greenpeace campaign, Paulo Adario, explains that the policy is not designed for “sustainable” logging. It takes at least 45 years for some of the species to regenerate and the 30 year lease that has been granted gives not incentives for companies to act responsibly.

They have already found a new sawmill that just opened a few months ago that already has cut down their "fair share" for the year in two months and more is on the way. But the President of Brazil, that campaigned on environmental preservation is annoyed now because he says that the environmentalist get in the way and Brazil's economy needs to grow at 5% every year.

How priorities change once you are in power.

And little by little, those who stand up for the commonwealth, the common good, are killed or grow weary of fighting.

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