Thursday, January 11, 2007

Digital Media: the Next Frontier for Media Reform

The net neutrality is simply this: who do you want to filter your Internet content? You or big media conglomerates? Big media/big corporations want to control the content. Citizens want a place to have content to be neutral and be given equal time, ie. blogs, podcasts etc. Right now it's up to me what I read, listen to and watch on the Internet. Rupert Murdock and the neocons, want to control all the media and limit your and my freedom to have access to ALL content on the Internet. That is a nutshell is what this NET NUTERALITY is all about. The big corporate money people who are trying to take away our democracy will sugar coat it and try to make it sound like it's something that it's not. (Like the Bush "Clean Skies" campaign which was just a fancy way of twisting the truth and making busy people who don't really have time to pay attention, believe something that was not true.... like the Nazi's did.) If the big money corporations are allowed to destroy the neutrality of the Internet, then they will be able to shape the message and fill the airwaves and the Internet with their propaganda. It's something the average Joe needs to be aware of and something you need to let your representatives hear about!

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