Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The problem with the moral authority of Political Right is not just Foley

The problem with the Right's Moral Authority is this: the only moral convictions that matter are their moral convictions. Let's use Al Gore as an example. This man has been fighting for what he believes in since he was a young man in college. A professor introduced him to the idea of "Global Warming" and he as been fighting ever since to try to bring this understanding to America. So what does the Right do? They attack, criticize, ridicule, mock and persecute him for his beliefs. He like so many others who believe that the perserving the environment is our moral obligation to future generations. But acting on those convictions and fighting for that is the object of ridicule by the Right. They preach, "I'm Right and Everyone Else is Wrong." That is why they have lost their voice when it comes to morality. It's not Foley, it's that they are blind to their own sins.

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