Friday, October 06, 2006

The Crescendo of Backlash is building toward the Bush NeoCons

AP Photo by Ted S. Warren
I can remember in the early 70's seeing protesters of the Viet Nam war on the cover of the front page news in West Virginia where I was living at the time. A young man had cut off the head of a lamb and was holding it up, screaming at the top of his lungs and the blood of the lamb was dripping all over his face, down his arm, necks, cheeks. It was one of the images you don't forget. I wish I could find it. To me it captured the era of Viet Nam war protests.

I can feel the ground beginning to move beneath our feet. Little by little the sleeping giant is awakening. Our children are being sent to their slaughter for what? These people lied, covered up their motives, their profits, their agendas and sold it to the public and to Christians under false pretense. It's going to come back to haunt them. The Christians, or at least the smart ones, are starting figure out that they have been dooped. Wake up America! Wake up!

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