Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pentagon funds study about limiting Freedom of Information Act

In today's paper (Orlando Sentinel) there is an article written by Melissa Ludwig from the San Antonio Express-News that says the Pentagon has given $1 million dollars to the St. Mary's University School of Law to study how to limit the FOIA! In the name of National Security of course! The purpose is to secure information about our vulnerabilities: electrical grid, waterways, sewer systems and transportation systems.

I’m all for National Security but if they limit information, how do we know when there is abuse? Ken Lay and the Enron Boys were abusing our trust in the name of corporate greed. Look at the Superfund case studies as historical proof that corporations will do what is in their best interest not the public’s best interest when it comes to their operations and profits. Limiting information limits the public’s right to know when these abuses are taking place! That is a threat to our National Security because it opens the door to a Corporatocracy instead of a government that is for the people and by the people.

God help us!

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