Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israel Doesn't Want Peace

All of this bombing and killing because two soliders were kidnapped? I agree with Syria's ambassador on CNN tongiht who said, "This administration (GW Bush) lets Israel do ANYTHING IT WANTS TO DO and doesn't say a word about it. But Hesbolah does one thing wrong and Israel can act irresponsibly and its OK!" I actually agree with Condoleezza Rice for once. Israel should use contraint. Too bad she didn't say that weeks ago. This two solider rampage is just an excuse to kill Hesbolah.


Anonymous said...

Israel left Libano six years ago,
The Hesbolah did not start this situation "just" by kidnapping the 2 soldiers. It killed six and star shooting rockets in the north. At the time that happened i had arrived in Israel 2 days before. I am not Jewish, nor israeli, i am from Brazil and went to Israel on a job assignenment. I could hear the rockets falling, as have been falling all the time in the past 6 years, as said the people who lives there and have to endure this kind of life.
I think is unfair for somebody who lives in Florida, and watch the lies of the Syria ambassador on TV to criticize the actions of a country that sufers with actions of terrorists everyday.

Martie said...

Thanks for the "real world" feedback. If you read further in my blog, you'll see that I changed my position on the Israel response when more information was given. What we were being told by the news media was that Hezbollah had kidnapped two soldiers and Israel said give them back or we will bomb you. They forgot to mention at first that Hezbollah had bombed Israel.

Unfortunately, we are a global village and being in Florida does not preclude one from having opinions about world events

Thanks for the commment though and for visiting my blog! :-)