Friday, April 21, 2006

MSNBC Picture of the week

Here is a picture from the April 13-20 MSNBC Picture of the week. Don't know if Rob Ostermaier is the photographer or the editor. What do you see when you look at this picture? I see a couple that has been poor most of their life and now life has handed them yet another blow. They have probably lost everything they own, which was very little to begin with.... When you are old and you can not start over, what do you do? Don't you feel horrible for these people? I wish I could find them and help them somehow. I wrote MSNBC and asked them if they would help me find them, but I doubt I'll ever hear back. People in other countries think that Americans are selfish, greedy and don't care. We do, we just don't know how to help. When we give money for disasters, we find out half of the money is given to crooks. You would think you could trust the Red Cross. But now we find out that they have been mismanaged as well. Wasn't Bob Dole's wife (a Republican) the head of the Red Cross before she went to Congress? Seems like the Republicans leave a trail of corruption behind them wherever they go. We don't know who to trust anymore even for charitable causes.

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