Thursday, April 20, 2006

Maybe Iran is telling the truth and we aren't listening

Iran says they are developing nuclear energy. The Bush administration says they are developing nuclear weapons.

I think that the Iranian leadership knows they are running out of oil and they aren't telling anyone. They know that the oil supply has peaked or is about to peak and what that will mean to Western civilization. I think they are preparing for an oil-depleted future and developing nuclear technology for energy, not war. Our government is too myopic to even consider this as a possibility. They are focused on turning the Middle East into a gas station so we can continue (for the short run) living in denial. We are living off of inventory and it is becoming harder and harder to replace the depleted world supplies. Our government has no plan for the future. Iran does.

Demand for oil is growing and I believe Iran knows the Middle East has less oil than everyone thinks. I think they know there is a limited amount of time to prepare for a tight world oil market. Maybe, Mr. President, Iran is telling the truth. Maybe they are developing nuclear energy, not nuclear weapons.

The fact that a major oil producing country is turning to nuclear energy should be a wake up call for Americans and should make us sit up and take notice. But not us. All we want to do is go and bomb them and complain about how much the price of oil is at the pump. Anyone else see a problem here?

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